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£2.98 - £9.98UWELL RAFALE Heating Coils

UWELL RAFALE Heating Coils

UWELL Rafale
Heating Coils

The Uwell Rafale Replacement Coils for use in the new Rafale SubOhm Tank. These new coils use a dual parallel vertical design that maximizes the contact area of wire to the organic cotton wicking. Each coil has gold plated connectors to provide strong and consistent conductivity.

1pc (0.1ohm) - £2.98
1pc (0.2ohm) - £2.98
Out of Stock
1pc (0.5ohm) - £2.98
Out of Stock
4pcs (0.1ohm) - £9.98
4pcs (0.2ohm) - £9.98
4pcs (0.5ohm) - £9.98
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