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£2.48 - £8.98SMOK MICRO Heating Coils

SMOK Mirco Coils

Heating Coils

MICRO CLP2 (Clapton Dual Coil): patented fused Clapton dual coil that allows for a lower wattage but will push out more vapor and sweet flavor.
Available in 0.3Ω (30W – 60W)

MICRO STC2 (Stainless Steel Dual Coil): patented stainless steel dual coil that works great with temperature control mods for precise settings and no burning.
Available in 0.25Ω (30W – 60W)

1pc STC2 (0.25ohm) - £2.48
Out of Stock
1pc CLP2 (0.3ohm) - £2.48
Out of Stock
5pcs STC2 (0.25ohm) - £8.98
Out of Stock
5pcs CLP2 (0.3ohm) - £8.98
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