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£79.98INNOKIN PROTON Starter Kit 235W


Starter Kit

The new Innokin Proton 235W UK vape mod is set to become a classic. A vape mod that other brands will need to follow if they want to stay in the game. The new proton features a brand new chipset and has been designed from the ground up. The Proton has dimensions of 85mm x 44.6mm x 29.6mm so is similar in size to the Smok Alien, slightly slimmer though.

What makes the Proton so special is its new innovative design featuring mouse like navigation on an all new TFT screen. Imagine working on your iPad with just a keyboard to navigate. That is the old style mod. Now imagine you can navigate using the iPad mouse, that is the new Innokin Proton. It has a tiny mouse like joy-stick conveniently situated at the base of the screen that allows easy and quick navigation to any of the menu features. Double click to bring up the menu then simply point to the menu item you want, click to select and navigate freely to your required feature, a simple press on the "mouse" just like your right click on you laptop and select the option. Simple and quick. Its intuitive because you are doing it already!
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